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#ifndef UDP_SENDER_H
#define UDP_SENDER_H

#include "udp-sender.h"
#include "udpcast.h"
#include "participants.h"
#include "statistics.h"

extern FILE *udpc_log;

struct fifo;

#define log udpc_log
#define openFile udpc_openFile
#define openPipe udpcs_openPipe
#define localReader udpc_localReader
#define spawnNetSender udpc_spawnNetSender
#define startSender udpc_startSender
#define doSend udpc_doSend

int openFile(struct disk_config *config);
int openPipe(struct disk_config *config, int in, int *pid);
int localReader(struct disk_config *config, struct fifo *fifo, int in);

int spawnNetSender(struct fifo *fifo,
               int sock,
               int endianness,
               struct net_config *config,
               participantsDb_t db,
               sender_stats_t stats);
int startSender(struct disk_config *disk_config,
            struct net_config *net_config);

#define BCAST_DATA(s, msg) \
      doSend(s, &msg, sizeof(msg), &net_config->dataMcastAddr)

 * "switched network" mode: server already starts sending next slice before
 * first one is acknowledged. Do not use on old coax networks
#define FLAG_SN    0x0001

 * Asynchronous mode: do not any confirmation at all from clients.
 * Useful in situations where no return channel is available
#define FLAG_ASYNC 0x0002

 * Point-to-point transmission mode: use unicast in the (frequent)
 * special case where there is only one receiver.
#define FLAG_POINTOPOINT 0x0004

 * Do automatic rate limitation by monitoring socket's send buffer
 * size. Not very useful, as this still doesn't protect against the
 * switch dropping packets because its queue (which might be slightly slower)
 * overruns
#define FLAG_AUTORATE 0x0008

 * Forward error correction
#define FLAG_FEC 0x0010

 * Use broadcast rather than multicast (useful for cards that don't support
 * multicast correctly
#define FLAG_BCAST 0x0020

 * Never use point-to-point, even if only one receiver

 * Don't ask for keyboard input on sender end.
#define FLAG_NOKBD 0x0080


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