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#ifndef FEC_H
#define FEC_H


#include "libbb_udpcast.h"

typedef struct fec_parms *fec_code_t;

 * create a new encoder, returning a descriptor. This contains k,n and
 * the encoding matrix.
 * n is the number of data blocks + fec blocks (matrix height)
 * k is just the data blocks (matrix width)
void fec_init(void);

void fec_encode(int blockSize,
            unsigned char **data_blocks,
            int nrDataBlocks,
            unsigned char **fec_blocks,
            int nrFecBlocks);

void fec_decode(int blockSize,
            unsigned char **data_blocks,
            int nr_data_blocks,
            unsigned char **fec_blocks,
            int *fec_block_nos,
            int *erased_blocks,
            short nr_fec_blocks  /* how many blocks per stripe */);

void fec_print(fec_code_t code, int width);

void fec_license(void);


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